Ok..... Here is the run down, A Little Catch up!!!

Well one weekend- I baked alot.... I made a cake for one of my friends, who was throwing a shower for one of her friends. I also made these little lollipop-cakes, that I saw on Bakerella. They were so yummy...but mine didn't turn out as cute as hers. But
 It was my first Time to bake the pops and to use fondant 
so it was trying but it was overall a success. 
Andy and His brother also built a deck for Jeremy and Erica's backyard. While they were building I got to play with Marin- If you can tell by the pictures, we had alot of FUN!!!


Caroline said...

Oh corey you are so talented!!!!! I am amazed at all you can do! maybe you need to enter the art world Corey...more....! wow i just keep looking at the cake and going..."am i looking at a martha mag or what". Thank you for the update...it was delightful.

Janelle & Ella said...

That cake is amazing!! Good job!!

Kelly said...

that cake is gorgeous. I love it! you will have to teach me to do that one day!

Murrell Family said...

I am so impressed by that cake! You are so talented!

Lindsay said...

you rocked my face off with that cake lady :) you are the coolest!! thanks SOOOOOO MUCH!

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