Three posts after three weeks of not Blogging....

BOYS will be BOYS

Today, Friday.... I had the joy of going with Andy and a couple of his friends (Curtis Jones and Peter Murrell) while they went to shoot Sporting Clays. Normally this would not be my cup of tea, but Andy and I got off work a little early today and I did not want to sit at home. All and All, I do have to say it was pretty fun. The boys did a good job, I think each of them have a promising Sportman Career. So Amanda and Melissa these pictures are also for you so that you can see your husbands in their "Hunting Zone".

Some Trail Dust fun at Brant and Ashley's Rehersal Dinner

Girls Weekend in Austin!

A few weeks ago... Some of my girlfriends and I met in Austin to catch up. We stay in contact all the time but we wanted it to be like when we were roomates....so we booked a room and called it a weekend. We also were able to go to the Martina McBride and Little Big town Concert (compliments of Lauren Denig, Thank you so much...I cant wait till Girls Weekend Nashville in September). Not only did we go to the concert but we had BACK STAGE PASSES and had tickets on the FRONT ROW. Keep in mind that I am a "closet" country music listener.....well now I listen to it loud with the windows down in my car. I am really getting in touch with my culture down here in Weatherford. YEEHAW! Well here are some pictures from the weekend, I dont have any from the concert because I am waiting on my sweet friends CHAS to send them to me.... but as soon as I get them I will be sure to post the pictures that made me feel famous.
Oh yea, Martina McBride gave guitar pics to everyone but me.... I think she kind of sensed that I wasnt a full blown fan at the time...BUT MARTINA, that has now changed!!!!


I am obsessed with kitchen products....

I just wanted you to know that I have a serious problem, I cannot stop buying kitchen products. Everytime I see a new gadget or tool, it is in the cart- no question about it. My sister Taylor also has this addiction, we believe that we inherited from my mother. Growing up (really just in the last 10 or so years of our life) she has turned into MRS. KITCHEN. She would buy new products and new cookbooks and whip up this all-star meal, that was to die for and she always know how to fix any cooking issue we ever had.
Well the difference between my mother and I is that she uses the kitchen products and I just buy them. I cant stop and now I found this kitchen blog that has a new product or idea every day.
So I am passing along this blog to you in hopes that you will get addicted to kitchen products also, so I won't feel so bad about my addiction.
Here is the site: www.dailyolive.com


Erica and Baby Wetherell...

Andy's brother, Jeremy and his wife Erica are expecting their second child, "Baby Wetherell". Erica is due in two months but went into labor this evening. Andy and I have not been given alot of details but we know she is at the hospital and the doctors are trying to stop her labor.
Even though I dont know alot of the details.... I do know that they could use an abundant amount of prayer.
Please keep Jeremy, Erica, Marin (their little girl) and "Baby Wetherell" in your prayers.
Their blog is www.wetherellfamily.blogspot.com if you want to put a face to your prayer.

4th of July.....and all I saw were Fireworks in the car on my way home!

We had a great fourth of July....we started off here in Weatherford, having a party with the company Andy and I work for. We had a full out volleyball tournament in the pouring down rain. Then we headed to our friends, Melissa and Jon Grimes House (keep in mind I am still in the same clothes that I played volleyball in...so please excuse the way I look in the pictures). We had a great time with our friends..... great food, great fun and no fireworks!


Our Trip to the BEACH.... was very much needed....But now I need a Vacation from our Vacation

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