Girls Weekend in Austin!

A few weeks ago... Some of my girlfriends and I met in Austin to catch up. We stay in contact all the time but we wanted it to be like when we were roomates....so we booked a room and called it a weekend. We also were able to go to the Martina McBride and Little Big town Concert (compliments of Lauren Denig, Thank you so much...I cant wait till Girls Weekend Nashville in September). Not only did we go to the concert but we had BACK STAGE PASSES and had tickets on the FRONT ROW. Keep in mind that I am a "closet" country music listener.....well now I listen to it loud with the windows down in my car. I am really getting in touch with my culture down here in Weatherford. YEEHAW! Well here are some pictures from the weekend, I dont have any from the concert because I am waiting on my sweet friends CHAS to send them to me.... but as soon as I get them I will be sure to post the pictures that made me feel famous.
Oh yea, Martina McBride gave guitar pics to everyone but me.... I think she kind of sensed that I wasnt a full blown fan at the time...BUT MARTINA, that has now changed!!!!


Amanda said...

Girl, you are hilarious.

agravisj said...

YEE HAW!!! I'm glad you confessed your love for country music. I think we can kiss our famous pictures goodbye. Lets see some pics of the new car!!!! Hurray for Brant!:) Let's talk about Nashville!

Deborah said...

Again, I am reminded of the sadness I feel that I did not share in this weekend of fun! So, this means I HAVE to go to Nashville! Can't wait!

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