Erica and Baby Wetherell...

Andy's brother, Jeremy and his wife Erica are expecting their second child, "Baby Wetherell". Erica is due in two months but went into labor this evening. Andy and I have not been given alot of details but we know she is at the hospital and the doctors are trying to stop her labor.
Even though I dont know alot of the details.... I do know that they could use an abundant amount of prayer.
Please keep Jeremy, Erica, Marin (their little girl) and "Baby Wetherell" in your prayers.
Their blog is www.wetherellfamily.blogspot.com if you want to put a face to your prayer.


Janelle & Ella said...

I'm calling you right now to see how their night went and if they were able to stop the labor.

Rachel Erin said...

I will be praying! Please keep us updated!!

The Wetherells said...

well, this is the erica herself and i'm here to say that all's well! my contractions are under control and i'm on light bed rest. it turned out that i wasn't in pre-term labor after all, but they're going to keep a close watch on me over the next few weeks to make sure nothing changes. they don't really know why my body went crazy like that and my only guess is that it was stress. i'm trying to take it easy, which is super hard for me and we'll see how i'm doing after my next doctor visit on wednesday. love you.

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