Here is the new House.... the Wetherell's are now in Houston.

Here are some pics of the new house.... all my stuff is not really in order because things have been so crazy over the holidays. But here is a little over view of the crib through pics that is. They have not installed the wooden blinds so please excuse the naked windows. I love the fact that we have granite countertops everywhere, it makes cleaning so easy. And it is fun having everything new after living in such an old house (but I also loved the old).We cant wait to be able to really enjoy it.... I will post a few more pics when things get a little more finished!!!!

Here is our living room!

Kitchen and Dining room....I have not found any chairs that I like and Andy broke part of the chandi with his head when he fell off the ladder.

The Master bedroom and bathroom....Which I really love... love the jacuzzi tub and the remote control fireplace... which allows me to stay toasty on these wonderful winter nights.

Entry, stairs and Laundry room. I am showing you a picture of the laundry room to point out the weird fact that we have a stove in it..... but I do have to say it will be nice to use if one of our guests wants a cup of hot tea before bed!!!

These are the guest bedrooms... which there is also a bathroom (no photo taken)....so come and occupy them and visit us in the Big town of Houston!!!!
P.S. Sorry I dont have a picture of the front of the House....I was in a huge hurry and totally forgot....But to give you a little hint.... its stucco!


On the Road Again.....

Ok.... I am sorry that I have not posted. Andy and I have been crazy busy. We found a house and Houston (by the Galleria, can you say AMAZING!!!!) and we have almost wrapped up all the paper work. So we are coming to get our stuff in Weatherford on Friday and we are heading out. But I wanted to let you know I will be posting soon, I will take pics of the new house, so everyone can see where we are going to live!
I am really excited to finally be getting all my stuff back! I have lots to tell yall but you will just have to wait until I have more time!


And we are off....

We are off to Houston/Jasper! I will definatly keep you updated along the way. We will be back in a couple off weeks, so we hope we will get to see all of you then.


The Wetherells are no longer in Weatherford....

Hey Friends,
I am sorry to have to send this but I thought it would be the fastest way to get it to the masses. Andy and I are loading up and moving. We are transfering to a new office, with the company that we work for. Our new location will be (wait, take a deep breath) Jasper, Texas. We dont really know alot of details, for example, where we wil live (they will put us in a condo until we figure that out). But we are thinking that we will probably make Houston our home and travel to Jasper during the week As of right now the condo that we will be living in during the week in Jasper is on Lake Sam Rayburn. We just dont know all the details yet!
Andy is leaving bright and early in the morning and will come back on Friday and I will be staying here the rest of the week to pack up our stuff (we have ahouse full). After we finish packing on Sunday or Monday early morning we will Head up to Jasper for REAL.
Andy and I are so blessed to be able to call each of your friends and we are so sad to leave everyone and the friendship that we have made, we pray that our friendship will stay firm and that we will be able to see you often. We ask you, are friends to pray for us during this new adventure as we are kind of excited to do this together but at the same time kind of scarred
to leave, our home, our friends, our church, etc. This will be our last Sunday at First Baptist Irving and we are absolutly heartbroken about it, First Irving hasbeen our family for the past 4 1/2 years. And we are
thankful for that!
Each of you mean so much to us and I am sorry that I am having to be so rude to do this through email/blog post but
we literally just found out yesterday and we dont have tons of time. We love yall and we will be back to Dallas often. Please read our blog, I promise I will update it more often, It is www.wetherellsinweatherford.blogspot.com
Again we love yall forever and we will miss each of you very much.
This will continue to be our current email and ourphone #'s will stay the same. Please keep in touch with us!

We love yall!
Andy and Corey Wetherell


This is how we ROLL!!!!

Life has been crazy and our weekends fly by. I am going to try to do a little re-cap of the last month or so.... we have literally been busy every single weekend with one thing or another. I have been at weddings, Andy was in Nicaragua, it is now hunting season,etc. We recently had our second Halloween together as a married couple which was fun because this year we live in neighborhood so we were able to hand out candy to the kids....people we had a princess (she was about three years old) on a real white horse that they made into a unicorn, it was awesome. I guess that is what you get when you live in the country. Well I will let the pictures tell the rest, I will try to give captions for most of the pictures. I wish I was a witty writer but when my words come out they are full of boredem.....so here are the pics. PEACE!

These are a few of my friends from High School, Stacy is on the left and Haley on the right...This was a shower we threw for Stacy in Austin..... her wedding was the next weekend and words cannot express how beautiful she was.

Andy and Drew Holder drove to Kansas City in one day.... they left at 11:00 in the morning, watched a baseball game and were back in Dallas at 8:00 a.m. the next day just in time for work. One of their friends was moved up to pitch in the Major Leagues, so they drove up to see him.

My Friend Renee (a college roommate) got married infront of this beautiful old church in Canton, Texas. It was such a cute wedding and it was alot of fun! Here is a picture of us when we were setting up for the wedding. I dont have any pictures of the actual wedding because I was in it and could not snap pics as I went, though that would have been funny! Renee is the one in the middle.
Andy and I spent a weekend in Southlake before he left for Nicaragua. We had just been on the go so much and wanted to spend a little time together. It was a fun weekend of food, shopping, sleeping, movies, etc. It was definatly much needed!Please excuse the bad pic, the sun was in our face, we were taking it our self... it was just an ultimate disaster.
My cousin Brooke got married in Ft.Worth so the whole Blackwood Family came down. It was a really fun wedding, it was absolutly amazing....I will have to post pictures of the actual wedding later, it looked like a famous persons wedding. But here are some pics, #1- Andy and I #2 My sisters, Whitney and Taylor #3 my sisters and I with my dad's parents, Jewel and Blackie.

This is how the Wetherell Men roll in the winter. Camo Style. Winter has approched which means it is hunting season, which also means I will never see my husband. Andy loves this time of the year, when boys will be boys. Yesterday I went with Andy to find his duck lease on Lake Grandbury, it was really fun to be able to see what Andy will be doing all winter. This is also Gus's first season but he look promising so far. SO I leave you with pictures of my two boys and their uniform for the winter.... dont be suprised if you see Andy show up to church like this... And I am not kidding!


Wishing I was.....

Wishing I was OUTSIDE, in Austin, on the lake..... on this beautiful day.


Missing Andy more than words can express...

I am missing my sweet husband more than I could have ever imagined. This is the first time that he or I have been away from each other with no communication what so ever. My sweet friend Melissa has posted a little about the trip on her blog, so I don't what to repeat what she has wrote but visit her blog, www.joshuamurrell.blogspot.com
But please say a prayer for Andy and his team, and while you are praying for them go ahead and give a little shout out for me, I have been really emotional since Andy has been gone...
Here is the picture of the team before they left!


AMY SAVAGE... this is for you!

I am posting this picture with the hopes and dreams that you will post something about yourself. I am so excited to see Daniel Friday morning bright and early at 2:30 am, but so sad that you won't be there with him.
I miss you like a cupcake with cream cheese icing


Yeah for old friends

God has a special way of opening a door right when you need it. An old friend found me and we have gotten to chat over the computer. It is really just refreshing how God will place a friend back in your life right when you need, in perfect timing. So even though my old but new friend will probably never read this...Thank you. You came when I needed a friend the most....even though you didnt know that. Thank you!


THE pit of DisPair...

This is for my two bf's (that I will not mention your names but you know who you are) that are in the pit of depair.....
I just wanted to tell the two of you that even though you are drowing I am hear to save you...not through text messages but through CPR.... This girl who I used to live with was a life guard and she taught me...so be brave I am on my way.
For my first friend.... PAIN is GAIN unless you decide to be a stalker which might turn out to be successful.
And my other friend....the Mail man might be the hottest guy you have ever seen and you never know that might be his second job...so that he can furnish the closet of your dreams. But if you want you can still bake me Apple pies!

But as the two of you are so sad so I am due to the fact that I need you like water, like breath, like rain.....I NEED YOU!


a follow up on the last post...AVA ELIZABETH SELF

Our sweet friends Tyler and Lauren Self recieved an amazing gift from the Lord yesterday at 12:45. She weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and measures 19 inches. She is absolutly beautiful and Lauren did an amazing job (people, she had no drugs...Can we call her Super Woman or what!). I saw her soon after the baby was born and she was glowing.
Here are a couple pics that I was able to snap up.


Babies...Babies and more babies!!!

I am not talking about babies for me so don't get any ideas...but I will have some excited news to post later. That is if Andy ever lets me leave work!


Catch up time....

Ok.....Here is the list.
1. My middle sister Whitney moved to Dallas and lives in a great apartment in Uptown.
2. I, along with Michelle Stanphill, Melissa Murrell and Julie David threw a shower for Lauren Self...who baby is due anyday now so keep her in your prayers

3. Andy and I have been working are heads off
4. Hunting season starts on Sat. so that is all my husband has been doing....preparing for the big hunt.
5. I went to Houston to see my friends- Jordan and Lauren and to help my friend Jordan bake a cake. Andy went and hung out with his family

6. Went to Austin to see the fam and go to a friend from High Schools wedding
7. We found out on Saturday that we are going to Sudan in July 2008 (read more about it in the post below)
8. I got three tickets in three days..... keep in mind it was my first time to ever get a ticket, or atleast the first ticket was.
9. I cut my hair and Thank God it is now starting to grow out (even though I still can't put it in a ponytale)
10. I have been searching for a large mirror to go over my couch...if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Well that is a little recap on the last month of the Wetherell's....I swear I will post more often.


Ok..... I know that I havent posted in a while but Life has been asolutely crazy. I have alot of updates and fun pictures that I will share later but I wanted to tell yall that Andy and I are going to the SUDAN in July of 2008. We are super stoked about what God is doing in our life and are excited about this journey he is leading us on. I wanted to ask yall to please add us on your prayer list as us and our team prepare for this journey. I know that the trip is almost a year away but I feel that I have alot of spiritual preparation that need to take place as God molds Andy and I for this trip.
I'm sure I will have more specific updates at a later time, but YEAH FOR SUDAN!!!!


Three posts after three weeks of not Blogging....

BOYS will be BOYS

Today, Friday.... I had the joy of going with Andy and a couple of his friends (Curtis Jones and Peter Murrell) while they went to shoot Sporting Clays. Normally this would not be my cup of tea, but Andy and I got off work a little early today and I did not want to sit at home. All and All, I do have to say it was pretty fun. The boys did a good job, I think each of them have a promising Sportman Career. So Amanda and Melissa these pictures are also for you so that you can see your husbands in their "Hunting Zone".

Some Trail Dust fun at Brant and Ashley's Rehersal Dinner

Girls Weekend in Austin!

A few weeks ago... Some of my girlfriends and I met in Austin to catch up. We stay in contact all the time but we wanted it to be like when we were roomates....so we booked a room and called it a weekend. We also were able to go to the Martina McBride and Little Big town Concert (compliments of Lauren Denig, Thank you so much...I cant wait till Girls Weekend Nashville in September). Not only did we go to the concert but we had BACK STAGE PASSES and had tickets on the FRONT ROW. Keep in mind that I am a "closet" country music listener.....well now I listen to it loud with the windows down in my car. I am really getting in touch with my culture down here in Weatherford. YEEHAW! Well here are some pictures from the weekend, I dont have any from the concert because I am waiting on my sweet friends CHAS to send them to me.... but as soon as I get them I will be sure to post the pictures that made me feel famous.
Oh yea, Martina McBride gave guitar pics to everyone but me.... I think she kind of sensed that I wasnt a full blown fan at the time...BUT MARTINA, that has now changed!!!!


I am obsessed with kitchen products....

I just wanted you to know that I have a serious problem, I cannot stop buying kitchen products. Everytime I see a new gadget or tool, it is in the cart- no question about it. My sister Taylor also has this addiction, we believe that we inherited from my mother. Growing up (really just in the last 10 or so years of our life) she has turned into MRS. KITCHEN. She would buy new products and new cookbooks and whip up this all-star meal, that was to die for and she always know how to fix any cooking issue we ever had.
Well the difference between my mother and I is that she uses the kitchen products and I just buy them. I cant stop and now I found this kitchen blog that has a new product or idea every day.
So I am passing along this blog to you in hopes that you will get addicted to kitchen products also, so I won't feel so bad about my addiction.
Here is the site: www.dailyolive.com


Erica and Baby Wetherell...

Andy's brother, Jeremy and his wife Erica are expecting their second child, "Baby Wetherell". Erica is due in two months but went into labor this evening. Andy and I have not been given alot of details but we know she is at the hospital and the doctors are trying to stop her labor.
Even though I dont know alot of the details.... I do know that they could use an abundant amount of prayer.
Please keep Jeremy, Erica, Marin (their little girl) and "Baby Wetherell" in your prayers.
Their blog is www.wetherellfamily.blogspot.com if you want to put a face to your prayer.

4th of July.....and all I saw were Fireworks in the car on my way home!

We had a great fourth of July....we started off here in Weatherford, having a party with the company Andy and I work for. We had a full out volleyball tournament in the pouring down rain. Then we headed to our friends, Melissa and Jon Grimes House (keep in mind I am still in the same clothes that I played volleyball in...so please excuse the way I look in the pictures). We had a great time with our friends..... great food, great fun and no fireworks!


Our Trip to the BEACH.... was very much needed....But now I need a Vacation from our Vacation

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