This is how we ROLL!!!!

Life has been crazy and our weekends fly by. I am going to try to do a little re-cap of the last month or so.... we have literally been busy every single weekend with one thing or another. I have been at weddings, Andy was in Nicaragua, it is now hunting season,etc. We recently had our second Halloween together as a married couple which was fun because this year we live in neighborhood so we were able to hand out candy to the kids....people we had a princess (she was about three years old) on a real white horse that they made into a unicorn, it was awesome. I guess that is what you get when you live in the country. Well I will let the pictures tell the rest, I will try to give captions for most of the pictures. I wish I was a witty writer but when my words come out they are full of boredem.....so here are the pics. PEACE!

These are a few of my friends from High School, Stacy is on the left and Haley on the right...This was a shower we threw for Stacy in Austin..... her wedding was the next weekend and words cannot express how beautiful she was.

Andy and Drew Holder drove to Kansas City in one day.... they left at 11:00 in the morning, watched a baseball game and were back in Dallas at 8:00 a.m. the next day just in time for work. One of their friends was moved up to pitch in the Major Leagues, so they drove up to see him.

My Friend Renee (a college roommate) got married infront of this beautiful old church in Canton, Texas. It was such a cute wedding and it was alot of fun! Here is a picture of us when we were setting up for the wedding. I dont have any pictures of the actual wedding because I was in it and could not snap pics as I went, though that would have been funny! Renee is the one in the middle.
Andy and I spent a weekend in Southlake before he left for Nicaragua. We had just been on the go so much and wanted to spend a little time together. It was a fun weekend of food, shopping, sleeping, movies, etc. It was definatly much needed!Please excuse the bad pic, the sun was in our face, we were taking it our self... it was just an ultimate disaster.
My cousin Brooke got married in Ft.Worth so the whole Blackwood Family came down. It was a really fun wedding, it was absolutly amazing....I will have to post pictures of the actual wedding later, it looked like a famous persons wedding. But here are some pics, #1- Andy and I #2 My sisters, Whitney and Taylor #3 my sisters and I with my dad's parents, Jewel and Blackie.

This is how the Wetherell Men roll in the winter. Camo Style. Winter has approched which means it is hunting season, which also means I will never see my husband. Andy loves this time of the year, when boys will be boys. Yesterday I went with Andy to find his duck lease on Lake Grandbury, it was really fun to be able to see what Andy will be doing all winter. This is also Gus's first season but he look promising so far. SO I leave you with pictures of my two boys and their uniform for the winter.... dont be suprised if you see Andy show up to church like this... And I am not kidding!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the update! I absolutely love the pics of Andy and Gus. I hope Gus turns out to be a great gun dog! Also, you and your sisters are all so beautiful.

The Williams said...

AMEN to having crazy busy weekends. And yes, I'm so glad to already have "blogging firneds" (I think that is what we're supposed to call ourselves). And this blogging thing is actually quite addicting - I feel like I read people's blogs all day long! So YAY for blogging.

AND, I ready that you and Andy are going to Sudan. That is awesome!!

agravisj said...

COME BACK! You have been one busy girl. Your hair looks so cute all curled up. I love you and miss you everyday of my life. The pics of Gus and Andy turned out so cute!

Janelle & Ella said...

The picture of Andy and Gus is great! I will say a prayer for the ducks. :-)
I can't believe all the weddings you guys have had. I want to see more pictures of those.
You guys look great!

Krystal said...

You guys are so cute! I love that Gus looks really interested in what he is suppose to be doing! Did he get any good stuff for your hubs???

Grimes Life said...

COREY!! Way to go with catching up! I loved the pics! Thats so fun that you went with Andy to check out the hunting quarters! I have never been with Jon and I always wonder what it's like there!!! See you this weekend!!!

The Self Cottage said...

oh my...those pics of andy and gus are awesome! they look alike :) oh and the pic of you in your black dress with the pink throw...you look famous in that pic! i miss you, beautiful friend. let me know how you are kickin' it in jasper.

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