Catch up time....

Ok.....Here is the list.
1. My middle sister Whitney moved to Dallas and lives in a great apartment in Uptown.
2. I, along with Michelle Stanphill, Melissa Murrell and Julie David threw a shower for Lauren Self...who baby is due anyday now so keep her in your prayers

3. Andy and I have been working are heads off
4. Hunting season starts on Sat. so that is all my husband has been doing....preparing for the big hunt.
5. I went to Houston to see my friends- Jordan and Lauren and to help my friend Jordan bake a cake. Andy went and hung out with his family

6. Went to Austin to see the fam and go to a friend from High Schools wedding
7. We found out on Saturday that we are going to Sudan in July 2008 (read more about it in the post below)
8. I got three tickets in three days..... keep in mind it was my first time to ever get a ticket, or atleast the first ticket was.
9. I cut my hair and Thank God it is now starting to grow out (even though I still can't put it in a ponytale)
10. I have been searching for a large mirror to go over my couch...if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Well that is a little recap on the last month of the Wetherell's....I swear I will post more often.


Rachel Erin said...

I feel caught up! :) I want to see your hair! I'm sure it's super cute! I don't know what kind of mirror you want, but Hemispheres has huge mirrors and they usually are 50% off every couple of weeks. That's where we are probably going to buy ours for over our mantle. That is exciting about Sudan! I can't wait to hear more about it!

Janelle & Ella said...

I love the update!

I am a little shocked at the three tickets in three days! Wow. What were they for? I'm doing defensive driving on the 8th if you need to join me. :-)

FordeFam said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have never had a ticket before either, so I cannot imagine how you felt!!! I can't say that I haven't deserved them, just haven't gotten one! I'm so sorry! Great update blog! Lots of exciting details! Can't wait to see pics! ;)

Amy said...

please put on your to do list for this coming month... visit to nc!

wetherell said...

ok for those that were wondering..... I got a ticket for cutting through a parking lot (which cost me $165, seriously). The same cop gave me a ticket for no drivers licence....then I went to Austin and on the way home I got a ticket for speeding!
Never break the law....or it will cost you alot of money....I can only imagine what I coud be buying with that money.

agravisj said...

I look raunch in that pic, barf.Hopefully I can see you THIS wknd!!!!Ok so , I was just at Z Gallerie this wknd, they had some REALLY cute stuff (a bit pricey) but Hobby Lobby (I know sounds weird) has a lot of original looking mirrors, for SUPER cheap. Call me call me call me. xoxox

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