My little 8 month old Saint

Who Dat Nation???
Well I dont really know what that is suppose to
mean but we have it on a few of our T-shirts that
my mom's family have sent us.
My mom and her whole family are from
New Orleans, all of them except my mom
still live their actually. My grandparents have
been sending us "Saints" packages
to prepare us for the big day,
which ended in their favor.
Go Saints!!!
We had a fun day celebrating and we
got some really cute pictures out of it.
Whitt loved loved the beads.
Choking hazard, yes...I was careful.
We cant wait to go to New Orleans soon and
visit the Fam and to show them Whitt sporting his Tee!!!!
Love you New Orleans gang!!!!


whitneyleigh said...

is that a tie-dyed saints tee or excessive drool?

Dan and Janae said...

I LOVE the drool!! The Lord has really blessed you all with such a cute little guy!

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