Cake Face

You can never have enough cake in your birthday month!
Whitt is getting pumped for his party in a few weeks,
when it comes to eating cake he loves the phrase "practice makes perfect"
He is a fan of sweets (just like his mom) so
i think he will be banned from cake until his next birthday.
Speaking of Birthday's, One of our great friends Ryan and Kristy had their son, Gage Ryan Erwin, yesterday so we drove down to see the little blonde dude. He was sure precious and I cant wait to see him and Whitt become such good friends.
We love you Erwin's and can't wait to see little Gage bite down into his first piece of Cake, it will be here before we know it.


Rach said...

That sweet boy is so cute with his cake covered face! Can't believe he is ONE!

Grimes Life said...

Love that little Whitt man! I am SOOO sad we missed seeing y'all! We will HAVE to see you soon! LOVE YALL!! :)

Amy said...

these are unbelievable cute!

Kim Soto said...

love those pics! especially the one where he is making a "oh" face!! great to see ya'll yesterday!

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