The Prayers of the righteous are very effective.

I write this for the reason above, knowing that indeed the "prayer are the righteous are effective" as stated in James 5:16... I ask you to lift up a sweet friend by the name of Kristi Walker. She as of yesterday been diagnosed with cancer in every part of her body. As I write this I am saddened but I also know that We have a powerful GOD, that can heal. So as I write this I am asking you to pray strongly for full HEALING. My friend Amanda, has wrote some great words, so for the sake of my bad writing skills please go and read what she has written, the girl has a gift of writing. 
Please also lift up Amy (her younger sister, which if I could be anybody in the world I would want to be her...I love you!)Along with the rest of the Walker and Winters Families. I will just let you read Amanda's, I am just mumbling. 

Also Please lift up the Watson family, our sweet friend Illetta Watson passed away last night of brain cancer, her brain has been swept with this cancer in the last week so it was very fast moving  and allowed her to be with the Lord quickly. Please pray for Illetta's two daughter Candace and Natalie as now that have to live in this world without their mom. This was a very sudden thing, so as we know she is with the Lord, which is amazing, it is just very shocking.

So please lift up all this families, that God's light will continue to shine bright. 


Jordan Pudlo said...

After we talked Saturday I passed Kristy's story along. I am praying, and anyone else I know, I am asking them to pray also.
Let me know if there is anything we can do for either family.

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