Two weekend Wrap-Up.

Weekend in Austin. 
It is hunting season, so Andy and some of his friends were dove hunting so I took the oppurtunity to go Home. It feels so good to be home, when I can get the chance to go. 
So during this visit I hung out with the family, 
sisters and I went shopping, went to the UT game, Ate alot....
 I always feel like I am eating when I am there....
So here is some pics to document the journey.
Mom and I, we meet her at a tennis match for a quick chat. 
The sister's and I at the tailgate before the game. 
My little sister, Taylor and I had to walk around the whole stadium to get to our seat, but because of that we got to see the band up close and personal. It was not really a fair exchange. 
SO let me fill you in on this picture.... 
At the game it's 100 degree's outside, a girl was wearing this. 
Her boots had to be full of sweat. 
And her dress, I know it's a
 shirt but she wore it as a dress. 
Girls, Her spanx are showing. 
I wanted to tell her but I couldn't bring my self to it, her boyfriend that was with her obviously couldn't either. So I politlely took a picture, said a little prayer for her and walked away. 

Weekend in Dallas. 
Andy and I left Thursday and drove to Dallas.
 He played in a DBU Alumni Golf Tournament, in which his team placed first. Go Hubs!!!
 We stayed with some friends from college for a
 couple nights and got some good visiting time in. 
Then on Saturday, my cousin was getting married. We had a fun time at the wedding and with the family. Andy and I were able to stay in a hotel and for anyone who knows me 
knows staying in hotels is one of my favorite things to do. 
People, the hot water never runs out!!!!
On Sunday we went to the cowboys game with one of my other cousins and her husband, we had a faboulous time, It was my first Cowboys game ever, I 
know I lived in Dallas for 8 years and this was my first game, just pathetic. 
Here are some pics of the weekend.

Andy, Ran Whit, Blake, Tay and Mom ready for the wedding to start!
My Aunt Kay (mother of the groom),Tay (Little Sis), 
Jewel (my grandma), My mom,  Kendall (my cousin)
Sisters, after the wedding. Go Cowboys! GO!
Oh, the fire, the cheerleader, the game, the funnel cake.... it was a great time!!!

The weekend was great. WE are so excited about this week, we haven't been to our house in Houston in over a month.... coming home just in time to start packing! Yeah!
I am just loving the life of a land-man!!!!


Rach said...

Where are you moving now?
That pic of that girl in the shirt/dress was hysterical! Who does that?

Amanda said...

Corey, I've missed you! I was driving in your part of town today and was sad that we haven't gotten to chat much lately. That girl and her dress also made me sad!

Jordan Pudlo said...

I need the scoop on the sisters. I will never wear spanx thanks to that picture, and might even re-think a few shresses.
I miss you. So much to share. xoxo

christine said...

let me know what steve steeves says about that funnel cake! cant wait to see you!


Lainey-Paney said...

I just happened upon your blog.

OMG. That picture of the shirt/dress w/ the Spanx showing.

I literally laughed out loud.
Soooooo funny.

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