Just call me Betty... Betty Crocker that is.

This weekend a friend of mine (Christine Mangrum) and I baked a cake for a friend of ours (Jennifer Brunson) daughter's (Elie) third birthday party. Sorry for all the names, just wanted to get it all out there.  The cake was to be in shape and style of the swim suit Elie was wearing to her birthday party. Here are some pictures of the cake, Elie, Christine and I, maybe one of Marin (my neice) and all the other Birthday fun. 
Oh, yeah and if you need a cake. Let us know.

Below: The Birthday Girl and her Cake!
The Bakers of Cake: Me on left , Christine on Right
Marin, my sweet niece at the Birthday Bash!
Andy, my sweet husband about to go and scare Marin... sorry sweet child, he is a little scary!!
Well that's all I have today Folks, if you want a cake, call us, email, blog us...
 I'm off to check up on Hurricane Ike. 


Rach said...

You are so talented! If you didn't live so far away, I'd ask you to make the cupcakes for Hud's birthday party this year.

christine said...

We Rock! No seriously people...we can make you cake and plan your party! We are just that good!

Let us know!


Jordan Pudlo said...

I already know all about your amazing talents! But you will be in DALLAS for Halz party! BOO! :(

Grimes Life said...

COREY! I am so impressed with your betty crocker skills! Can i go ahead and hire you for Cade's birthday cakes!!
Miss you!

Janelle and Ella said...

Y'all are AWESOME!! I love it!

The Sanders House said...

good job friends! you two are so talented!

Murrell Family said...

I am so impressed with that cake! Y'all are incredible! Do you fed-ex cakes to Grand Prairie?

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