Please Ike take a Hike!

We are bunking down here in Jasper. We are not traveling back to Houston this weekend since Mr. Ike is liking that path as of right now. But we are praying that our house has enough muscle to take the storm... even though when it just rains the streets around our house floods.
(Janelle you have been able to be witness to that)!!!
We have supplies, water, food... and we are ready. 
Walmart was EMPTY... yes correct, they are running low on food. 
Gas Stations, cannot even explain. 20 car long people. 

But we are grateful...grateful for the rain, wind and grateful for A God that is bigger than us. 

See you Post- Ike. 

Here is a pic of the gas station.... sorry its an iPhone pic so therefor it is pitiful.  
Also please keep one of my work associates in your prayers, she had to post-pone her wedding this weekend because of the Hurricane.


Amanda D said...

Oh Corey...I am so glad you are not there. I am saying my prayers for all my Houston folk. Love you and I know your house will make it...its a Wetherall(spelling?)house!Love you again. A. DeRossett

Janelle and Ella said...

I was just imagining how flooded your streets were after a HURRICANE!! I hope all is well!

That sign totally cracks me up!

FordeFam said...

WOW!!! Praying for ya'll!

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