A visit from Aunt Nei

My sister, Whitney, and her boyfriend, Ran, came up for a little visit last weekend and Whittaker just absolutely loved being snuggled by his aunt!!!!!
In this picture he is thinking about how he wants yall to come back....
P.S. Happy Birthday Tomorrow. We love you!!!!!!


Lindsay said...

oh corey he is so cute! You can see him so good in these pictures and he suddenly looks so grown up :)

hope you are feeling better!!

Andrea & Lance said...

Precious,Precious,Precious!! I love that he is growing into such a healthy little guy everyday! The Pic with his finger on his chin is priceless! :)

Caroline said...

oh my word the pic above with his finger on his chin like he is in deep thought is the MOST PRECIOUS thing ever! He is growing and growing Praise the Lord! I have been praying for your fever blisters...as you know I am from a huge fam that get the fblisters. I hope they have finally cleared up!!!!

Vicki said...

I've been out of town again and couldn't wait to get back and check on precious. He looks adorable, I love how he's looking at Whitney. Praying for you daily and hoping you feel better soon.

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