Im a BIG BOY now!!!!

I have graduated from a Bator Baby (incubator)
 to a jail bird because I am a big boy now!!!!! 
Tonight is my first night in a crib. 

And if you haven't noticed in the pictures, 
I am missing something from my face.....

Any guess' ???


I am taking all my feeds in a bottle and let me tell you, I want more food than they give me. I get fed every 3 hours. I have also been able to sleep on my stomach here at the hospital and I love it, I throw a little fit when I am on my back....
 Mom and Dad are going to love that when I get home.
I am weighing...



I am 16 1/2 inches long, 
I started out 15 1/2 inches... so I will take the inch!!!!
And no short jokes remember I wasn't "supposed" to be
 out for another month and a day

Well I am off to SNOOZE.... and get some beauty sleep,
 I am hoping my mom will be able to see me tomorrow!!!!
Here is a little glimpse of what I look like when I sleep and where my new home is for now......
SHHHHH, Baby sleeping!!!!!!!

Baby Whitt

Psalms 8:1-9 
O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!
Your glory is higher than the heavens. 
You have taught children and infants to tell of YOUR strength, 
silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.
When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers- the moon and the stars you set in place- what are people that you should think about them, mere mortals that you should care for them? Yet you made them only a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor. You gave them charge over everything you made, putting all thing under their authority- the flocks and the herds and all the wild animals, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, and everything that swims in the ocean currents. 
O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth. 


A peek into the Flores Family... said...

He is so precious!! I am so happy that things are going so well for him!!! He is one tough little cookie :-)

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