On the GO with Whitt in Tow!

Below: Marin, Whitt and Graham
We were also able to see and spend some time with Daniel, Amy and Wyatt on their trip to Texas from North Carolina. It was so great to be able to play with Wyatt, and talk with Amy and Daniel. Whitt and Wyatt hit it off immediatly, even though they don't know that yet.
Whitt + Wyatt = BFF Forever.
Savages, we cant wait till our next visit!!!
When we were in Austin we went and visited my dad's parent, Jewel and Blackie...who Whitt already adores... (Whitt believe me you do, Blackie will always be a score for Candy)!!!!
He also was able to meet his cousin, Gain.
Gain and Whittaker were born 2 days apart.
Whittaker is two days older, I know...
Can you believe that? Oh, my little preemie... you will catch up one day.

Cuddle time with his Aunt Nei...
Bed time with Bee, Aunt T and Mom
Whittaker was pulling all kind of crazy stunts in Austin, he can now roll from his
stomach to his back! He waited till Dad got in town to show off...
I have tried to video it several times but he is camera shy, of course.
He is growing and changing more and more everyday. He is weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. and to my measurements is about 20 inches long. He is staying awake more during the day and sleeping a little longer at night. Praise the Lord. He loves to be in his swing or be held. He is definitely a cuddler. He is getting rolls on his legs which is a dream come true. We pulled out baby pictures when I was in Austin and we have decided that he had Andy's eye's and my nose and bottom part of my face (lips, chin, etc.). He also found his voice or should
a say cry while we were in Austin, and man is it loud.
He is getting more of a personality everyday which is really fun to see.


A peek into the Flores Family... said...

How amazing!! I am SO ready to meet him!!!

Amy said...

Corey, That's so great that he's eating and growing so well. And the new tricks, what a stud! Glad you had a great time with your family. Miss you 3 so I think Whitt needs to experience the east coast beaches next spring when the boys can play in the sand and waves together!

whitneyleigh said...

these name changes are out of control. im getting confused!

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