And we are off....

First stop:
Houston to see The Savages (ahhhh!!!). Wyatt and Whitt are going to be BFF, I just know it!!!!

Second Stop:
Austin to visit Annie B (my mom) and Whittaker's two aunts.
We are busting at the seams we are so excited.

We (Whitt and I) will be gone for the week, so pray that Whitt will adjust well. This will be his first journey so pray that he stays the calm spirited baby that he has been!


A peek into the Flores Family... said...

Have Oh so much fun!!! I can't wait for him and Isabelle to meet!! When are you coming to Dallas?

Jordan Pudlo said...

Whitt will be so spoiled by the Aunts and Gma!!! I need to give him lots of cuddles!

Amy said...

I miss you! Our visit was too short, but it was wonderful to meet your precious son!! Hope your week is going well at your mom's and you are having a blast with your sisters. Thanks for coming to Houston to see us!!

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