Wetherell Family News!!!!

So... Here is the good news I have been waiting to share.
Our (Andy, Whitt and myself) application has been OFFICIALLY APPROVED to adopt from Ethiopia. We are beyond excited about this journey for our family. God has been working Big time in our hearts lately to trust Him, so that is what we are doing. Trusting in His path for our family, our growing family.
With that said let me answer a few questions that might come up in your mind:

Aren't you in the Foster to Adopt process?
Yes, and we will continue to be. God has not shut that door for us so we are not going to shut it either. We get our finger prints tomorrow and then we are put on the home study list. There are 5 people ahead of us. So we will continue to patiently wait. Then we will be given referrals. Then God willing we will accept one!

Why Ethiopia?
Though we have not been to Ethiopia. We have a love for Africa, Andy has been there twice. He actually lived in Ghana for a couple months. I have been there once (to the Sudan) and I honestly believe a piece of my heart is still there. Those kids just took a hold of it. They have also an est. 4.3 million orphans in Ethiopia... so we were just drawn to the combination of several different factors that lead us to the decision of ETHIOPIA.

How long will it take?
Foster to adopt- that is a good question? Every circumstance is different. I have had some friends wait a while, while others have not.
So again all we can do is trust and wait in perfect timing.
Ethiopia- From what I have been told, 12 to 24 months. I have also been told by several of the agencies that I have spoken with, that Ethiopia has recently cut back on the amount of paper work they process by 90%, so they are not exactly sure on how it pan out. They honestly don't know how much paper work they were doing in the first place, so it is hard to judge.

Yes, this will be a little more pricey than the Foster to adopt process actually a lot more pricey. But we are trusting. And we will not be anxious.
Trusting and praying in Matthew 6:34
" Therefore Do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."


Which speaking of Cost's- that leads me to our
Friends, we were blessed. God POURED complete favor on us that day in holding off the rain that we desperately needed, supplying us with friends to help, and shoppers to shop. We did not have one bump in the road. Because of the garage sale and how gracious are friends and family were that weekend, we have been able to pay for our application fee, 1st installment to the adoption agency (which we will mail TODAY) and most of our home study fee.
We are Thankful!!!!!

In writing this Friends, I am asking for your prayer. We need it. Coming from a person who likes to be in control, I need it. I am not in control in this situation, as any really. But I am officially throwing the reigns- so I need your prayer. Do you see me slightly begging for it.

Since I am asking for prayer- please go and read this blog and pray for our friends... they recently arrived home with their two babies from Ethiopia (please go and read their story- you will cry, cheer and me amazed by the power of God. Start from the beginning- Trust me) They are still needing your prayer in Big ways.

Well we are beyond excited and can't wait for God to show us a little piece of the puzzle for our lives. Thank you for your prayers in advance, they are much appreciated.

I am screaming with Excitement!!!!


Amanda said...

Yay! This is such exciting news! I can't wait to see God grow your family. I love you guys!

Tricia Nae said...

I found your blog via Ashley...and love reading it (especially the home tour!!)...but this may be my most favorite post ever!!! So excited for y'all and I will be praying praying praying for y'all!!

courtney said...

fantastic news!

Lindsay said...

This is all such great news!!! I am so happy with you!!!!!!!!

Wynne & Stephen said...

corey we are so so excited for yall! yeah for ethiopia!!!! maybe one day of kids can play together ;) will be praying for yall! so so grateful the garage sale went so well, isn't god so good? what agency are yall going through for ethiopia? can't wait to chat!

A is for Audrey said...

hey there, this is erica's friend, mariana. i just wanted to say, i'm so excited for y'all! i will be praying for the whole process.

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