Easter through my lens

Cascarones were a hit in our house for Easter. My sister brought them and Whittaker loved them. Cracking them on everything. We still have traces of them in our backyard to this day.
*They make me cringe, they remind me of elementary school when the boys would throw them at you and they felt like they were coming at 90 MPH.
When he realized that treasures came out of the egg.
And the fun begins....
Easter Treasures
In this moment, his new favorite word became "CANDIES"
Family Pictures.
I know this post is late but I wanted to get it on the books.

Adoption: So many things are happening and I am really excited. We got our fire inspection permit on Friday which was a huge answer to prayer. We also have been already blessed through our garage sale and it hasen't even happened yet. People, God is so GOOD! Garage Sale is in two weeks and I am super pumped. Pass it on to all your friends and family.... treasure galore. and lemonade- a sweet friend of mine, her daughters are going to have a stand. Come get a glass!


Wynne & Stephen said...

hey corey!
thanks for your note, I am so glad to have found your blog! they haven't reduced it to 90%, that was going to happen but it hasn't. they have reduced it by 50%ish but nothing is permanent yet, it's all temporary. yes it's pushed back timeline a little bit but not by years, at least we are hoping not!
so excited for your garage sale! we just had one and it was marvelous! we made MORE $ than we needed for our next big payment. i'm following along the blog now! thanks for saying hi!

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