Wetherell Sneak Peak Home Tour -Day 2

On this Tuesday of The Wetherell Home Sneak peek, we will be looking at pictures of our "formal" living room (that is not so formal) and our dining room. Again time is of essence
so I am just going to dive straight into the pictures.
I am actually going to start with out entry way because this series of post is enough torture, I wont go to the extreme of doing a post about just my entry way.
So here is the entry way
We are getting a new front door next weekend and it is "planning" on looking like this but not red and of course with our address on it. I am super excited about this.
(picture from Country Living)
Below is what is hanging in our entry way. I had seen it (among many other things in my house) on a blog and the Hubs and I re-created it with a twist of course.
(I do not re-call which blog I got it on).
View from the entry to the dining
I got this table in Roundtop this season and love it, it is so rustic and heavy. Whitt can climb on it, etc. and it will not be shaken.
From dining to Entry
This is a special little deer, my dad shot this over 15 years ago. It is still in great condition. Just like the silhouette, i love having little reminders on my dad around the house. Plus Whitt might think that the deer is his pet, he loves to pat it.
The table below is the table my parents got when they were married long ago, it has been redone a couple times but I am very happy that it now lives in my dining room.
The sliding door between our kitchen and our dining room.
Old door + barn door hardware= bliss to me.

Up close. The handy hubs put this up for me!

Well that will conclude today. Thanks for touring my formal and dining room.
Come over and have a meal.
We love guest.
And entertaining.

Tomorrow we will do Playroom!
(even though it is getting re-painted next weekend, oh well)

we have some fun things going on with the Wetherell's, I am hoping to be able to talk about them in the next couple of weeks but if you think about it please lift us up in prayer.


Amanda said...

You have the ultimate awesome house! I feel like it looks so different from when I was there last. The sliding door is brilliant! Love it, friend.

Grimes Life said...

love it!!!

Dan and Janae said...

I need to know where you got Whitt's guest bed in his room???!!?? BTW--love it!

Dan and Janae said...

Hey Girl===I am waiting on Dan to close in our loft so that Jae Beth doesn't hurl herself over the top--we went with the sliding window option--but the barn door hardware we have found is out of my price range--where did Andy get your hardware? We have look for 2 months now and all we can find is priced over $200--any thoughts?

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