Lolly pop Lovin'

I was feeling a little guilty that I only
showed a partial glimpse of how the
little Whitt man is-
He actually spends most of his time acting like this...
Mr. Personality just full of smiles.
(notice: the lolly pop is good for a little camera cooperation)
Whitt is enjoying this spring weather and getting to play in such a big "backyard" during the week. This is his play space Monday through
Thursday and he is absolutely soaking it up
(I say back yard because we actually live on a golf course)
He knows the lolly is about to be taken, ha!
The End... Of my post and his lolly pop fun! We are off to a crawfish boil!


mattandlinz said...

I love these pictures!!! He is just so handsome and looks so grown up!! Hope you guys are doing well!!

Jordan Pudlo said...

He looks JUST like you in these!!!!

{::The Funny::Friendly::Finley::Family::} said...

What a fun "backyard"!

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