I WISH......

This is kind of random and pointless but here I go anyway.
One of my favorite things to do is....to look through home magazines/blogs. 
In doing so I ran across these pictures. 
I love them, I want to be one with them. 
How awesome would it be to have a ranch like this... where the whole family could just be one. Girls could lay out, boys could be boys.  
Its like a dream come true for me. 
These next two picture are what I would like my secret getaway to look like....
 it just seems so peaceful. I could just read read read my heart out. 
Look at the mountains, drink a good glass of wine, listen to some tunes.
My only change would be to put a fluffy white down comforter on the bed, Heaven.  
I HEART this place. 
I mean look at that glass garage door that comes down, 
so modern looking and it allows you to see the outdoors 24/7. 
Its just so great.... 
Well that is all I have to mumble about for right now.... 


amberburger said...

so fun! I would love that second one for sure! wow!
I just stopped by your blog to tell you I am praying for you today. I am excited for yall about Sudan...please call me if you have any questions or need some reassurance! love you friend!

Deborah said...

I'm right there with ya!! I would love to have that secret hideout! We are one, sister!!! :) miss you...

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