{Failing in my attempt to satisfy}

So to go along with the post below on how I am 
{dying for a snow cone}. 
I tried to attempt to fill that craving and it failed. Oh, did it fail. 
So here it is, we (my sister, Andy and I) went to try out this new little yogurt stand in town, it is cute... you serve your own yogurt and then they have a toppings bar and you serve yourself to that also. It is clever. Well in going over the menu, I see that they have shaved ice -
 AMEN, I thought to my self, a pregnant woman's dream come true.
SO... I get the ice, it is great, i nibble on it plain... 
Then I notice that they don't have any syrup for the snow cone. 
My dream crashed. Well in attempts to try to savor the ice, 
I added in nerds and gummy bears, 
due to the fact they also didn't have any cokes, NONE, ZIP, SILTCH...
So this is why I am STILL in need, in need of a REAL snow cone. 
If you see a stand, eat one in honor of me, PLEASE.


whitneyb said...

this is great. it is so true, the snow cone sucked. big time.

Anonymous said...

like when we went to bahama bucks...ah im sorry you dont have one out there everytime i pass it i think of you
natalie kreifels

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