Nutter Butter

The morning sickness has subsided, thank you Jesus, and I am feeling back to normal. If I never throw up again in my life- life is good!!!! I just entered my 13th week, so from what I have read Baby W could be sucking on her/his thumb right now. My little sister, Taylor sucked her thumb until she was about 20, not literally but it felt like forever...I hope baby W doesn't follow in her footsteps. Baby W is now the size of a
 Nutter Butter,
 so small but full of so much life. What a miracle. 
 Also I am sorry about calling him or her Baby W, we haven't decided if we are going to reveal the name or not. But I will let you that I am calling her/him baby W, 
because the first name does start with a W. 
So for my friends who already know the name that I am speaking of, shhh!!!! 
It is now a secret. 

Well I am off to have a little lunch, I love being able to eat again!!!!


Amy said...

13 weeks down! Way to go Corey!

Lindsay said...

way to go on the secret name :) I loved doing that!

Rach said...

I figured the W stood for Wetherell! Can we guess it?

Glad you're feeling better!

The Fortunate Flores' said...

I am so excited that we are so close with our pregnancy!!! Yeah!!! More baby friends!!! Congratulations and enjoy every moment. Isabelle is moving like crazy now so I just lay in bed at night and soak it up :-)

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