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Guest Bloggers:  Taylor and Whitney 

Whittaker Overstreet Update

"Stable. 37%."  This is what Dr. B (corey calls him the arabian knight - and he only whispers) said last time he walked out of the NICU.  37%? what does that mean you may ask?  Believe, me, we were wondering the same thing.  Well, it means that the oxygen he is getting from the ventilator is down to 37%.  Which is a step in the right direction because he started off at 65%.  We are headed in the right direction, but still anticipating his growth and better health.  Please keep him and Corey in your prayers.

I must say, the little guy is absolutely adorable.  Just a weeeeee little thing.. Here is the promised pic!  This is the only one we have because we are not allowed in the NICU (taylor and whitney).  They actually shut the blinds on Taylor when she took this.  

We are sitting here next to Corey, and she is getting so much better as the minutes go by.  She is looking great.  Ready for a shower. No more cords. And ready to go see Baby Whitt in the NICU for the first time (except for the 2 seconds she saw him after the c-section)!  This is a big day.  

Corey and Andy want to thank all of your for the flowers, phone calls and prayers.  They are so thankful to have you all.  

We will keep you posted.  As of now, Corey will get out of the hospital in about 4 days, and baby Whitt will be here for about 4 to 5 weeks.  

Tay and Whit 



Grimes Life said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the updates! We are praying over and over for 3 of them and will continue to! So glad he is going in the right direction, that makes me SO happy to hear! Tell Corey we love her!

Ashley said...

Corey and Andy,
First of all, the Williams are praying for you and this precious new baby. Second, my sister and Kelly Stamps (Kelly's Korner) just started a new blog for NICU babies. Well guess what - Whitt is there!!! We have people praying all over that he will continue to grow and get better! If you have a few moments, you can go see at http://miracles-in-the-making.blogspot.com. Oh, and if you would allow me, I would love to put the picture of him on the prayer blog. Just let me know.

We love you guys!
Ashley and Brant

The Sanders House said...

We are praying or your sweet family! God is in the middle of all of this! Can not wait to meet sweet Whit! Thanks for the update!

Amanda said...

We love you guys so much! You are in our prayers! Can't wait for a close up of little guy.

Reneau said...

Thank you Taylor and Whitney! We feel so helpless up here in Dallas, not being able to go see them!! Corey, Andy, and Whitt: we can't wait to see you and are praying for you every day! Love you!!

Andrea & Lance said...

Lance and I are so happy for you and your new little man! We constantly have all three of you in our thoughts and prayers! We pray for baby Whitt's continual strengthening.

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