Sunday Update

Today was a long day for Corey.  She was supposed to get out of the hospital, but turns out she had to stay, and they ran tests on her all day.  Her blood pressure was not going down, so they checked her kidneys, heart and the medicine she was on.

All the tests were okay for the most part, and her blood pressure went down some today, which is great, but they still want her to stay in the hospital to make sure her blood pressure is down before she leaves.  

Andy, Taylor and I went to see Whittaker in Houston today, and he couldn't be in a better place.  They have taken him off of sedatives (the hospital here had him on them the whole time), and he has so much life.  He was yawning and squirming and looked just adorable.  We have tons of pictures, and will hopefully upload tomorrow.

We are mostly focused on Corey at this point, because Whittaker is in such good hands.  Please keep her and baby in your prayers, and I will let you know any update on corey tomorrow.

whit and tay


Deborah said...

We will continue to pray! You two are a Godsend to Corey and Andy. They are lucky to have you there for support...and your Mother!

Corey, we are so proud of you, Little Mama! I am praying for you every day. God is in major control...He knows the best time for you to be released!! :) Please call me for anything. I love you guys.


JPO said...

Pray for you and Whitt Cor-Cor. Love you!

Grimes Life said...

THANK YOU SOOOOO much for the updates!!! Please oh please keep them coming!! Praying over and over and over again for you! That picture is SOOO sweet, so glad to hear mr whitt is doing well! Corey, you are such a strong mommy already! LOVE YOU! :)

Lindsay said...

Praying all the time! Whitt is in the best hands. They will take such good care of him. Corey, we are praying for a complete and quick recovery for you and for your BP to regulate.


Amber said...

sweet one! we are praying like crazy.

the burgers

Reneau said...

Whitt is beautiful

The Fortunate Flores' said...

I am so thankful for your updates, we are continuing to pray for you and your recovery as well as Whitt's ability to keep staying so strong!

Janelle and Ella said...

We LOVE you Corey, Andy & Whitt!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the updates. We would all be going crazy without them.

We are praying for y'all!

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