Day 10 for Mom a one week old Whitt

Days for Whitt 

Whitt was born 7 days ago at noon today,
 What a miracle.
 Whitt is improving by the day... they were able to take the jaundice lights and "ski goggles" off of him today and they say that he is doing great. His weight is down to 3lbs 1 oz. but the nurses have said that it is common for his to loose weight before starting to gain.  The nurses have really taking a liking to our little man, which is a praise. What a great feeling to know that the people taking care of your son care for him so much. 
Today is day 10 for me in the hospital. 
Yesterday my emotions were all over the board, just being in the hospital and being away from Whitt has been really hard on me. I felt as if crying was apart of the norm yesterday, but as I was rounding down for the night, Andy read Psalms to me and this morning I definitely awoke with God's comfort and peace dwelling in me.
 Andy has been staying with me also, so we are both really praying to get to leave soon. 
My blood pressure has been all over the board but usually staying in really high numbers, so our prayer is that it lower and evens out so that we can head to Houston. 
God has a plan, so we are hanging in there. 
Please continue to pray for Whitt in the NICU and the doctors that are watching over him, please pray for Andy and I as we are in the hospital for at least another night, pray that my blood pressure becomes stable to that we can hit the road and for the Doctors that are watching over me. 
Thank  you for your prayer in advance, they have definitely been felt. 
I will leave you with a picture from yesterday that Andy's mom took of our little STUD ( he sure does like his hand on his chest, I think its been there in every picture.)!!!!


Kimberly said...

He looks so sweet and peaceful in that pic! I wonder what he's dreaming about... I will most definitely keep praying for you and the boys in your life :) You will get out soon..I can feel it!!

love, kim

Lindsay said...

Oh corey he is just so precious!

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