Moving to Houston

This morning Dr. B let us know that although Whitt is doing okay as of now, he would feel better if they moved him to Children's Hospital in Houston.  They are coming to get him within the hour, and Dr. B assures us he will be in great hands there.  As of now, they have given him plasma and blood as well as medicine to strengthen his lungs.  The next 48 hours are very crucial, as they will do the brain scan Sunday or Monday morning to see if he his brain is bleeding.  Please pray for a safe transfer to Houston, and over these next couple of days.  

Corey is doing great.  She is getting out of the hospital tomorrow, and will go to Houston to be with baby.  She and Andy got to touch him, and be with him again today, and it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen.  Her and andy are being so strong, and trusting in god to take care of everything.  

I will write again with updates later today or tomorrow. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the prayers.   Please keep them coming.  

whit and tay


Kelly said...

Corey - I have read your blog on and off for a while and I had 2 people ask for prayer for their friend and then I realized it was you. I'm praying for you and Whitt. We spent 3 weeks in the NICU in Jan. I know how hard and scary it can be. I also know how God can and will carry you through this time. Praying for ya'll!

Grimes Life said...

Thank you soooooo very much for the update girls! We can't stop thinking about y'all! You are so strong, keep it up! God is taking such great care of your baby boy! Love y'all tons!! Jon mel and Cade

Amber said...

corey and andy, i just spoke with your friends in Sudan. they are having the children pray for Whitt and for you two. Bishop will have the Yei church praying as well. We love yall and your sweet little one. praying like crazy..

the burgers

amanda said...

Corey & Andy-- Just thinking about you and checked your blog. We're praying for you and Baby Whitt! Can't wait to meet him!
Love, Amanda & Carl
Keep us updated Whit & Tay! :)

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