Well today is Tuesday.
I woke up to the surprise of fever blisters on my lips.
I love them.
I got my first one when I was three.
I was the flower girl in my Aunts wedding the next day.
When I had Whitt- I got a lot of them.
When I say a lot, I mean 150 in my eye ball alone.
This was a first.
Fever blisters in my eye ball.
Words do not describe the pain my friends.
I would show you a picture but you would die, and never think of me the same.
What made it worse was they would not let me see Whitt in the NICU while I had them.
I also had mastitis.
The fever from it gave me the Blisters.
Is this too much information.
Back to the blisters I have now.
My eyelid has them too, in the same spot as before. Yes. I had them on my eye lid also.
I look like I was busted in the mouth.
I am having crazy flashbacks of FEVER BLISTER MANIA 2009.
I am thankful that I can see Whitt this time though, even though I cant kiss him.
(yes. He is trying to eat minnows out of a fish net. Live ones. Sick. Even if he didn't get my fever blister gene he might get something from eating raw minnows. Poor thing. such a stud, a minnow eating stud at that.)

Me+fever Blisters = not so studly


Jessica and Eric said...

Hope you get to feeling better!

Lindsay said...

I think that the fever blisters just mean you are getting a baby soon! :) maybe that is your sign of a new child. You got them with Whitt and now you are getting them again???!!!

Feel better friend! And you are beautiful and couldn't be ugly if your whole face was a blister :)



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