What's Up with the Wetherells

For for my lack of posting the thought of writing a paragraph style post is just exhasting so bullet point it is. So here is the run down:

-Whitt is a dancer. Straight up. He loves Riahanna (I know it's so wrong), he shimmy's his heart out every time she comes on. His shimmy-ing steals my heart.
- Andy is in China- for 12 days. We are super pumped for him and are lifting him up along with the rest of the team. (sorry not really allowed to go into detail) We can't wait for him to come home so we can hear all that was planted. For know, I now that they have some killer dumplings.
-Whitt can say mama, dada, gus (us), and Thank you
-We have been traveling around (Dallas,Austin,Houston,Jasper) to see family while Andy is gone, for now we are in Austin, helping with my sister, Whitney's wedding. Which is in 3 weeks. I cant believe she is getting married!!!
- Whitt recently just got his real "first haircut". I have trimmed it but we just cut off all his curls so we could even it out. Cutting those curls off officially made his look like a smallman and made me want to break down.
- I am not eating carbs right now and feel like I am going to die.
-Honey Goldfish are little little pieces of heaven. Random, yes, but needed to be documented,
even though i cant eat them. Remember, no carbs.
- Whitt took 6 steps in a row but has refused to walk ever since, but he is officially the world's fastest crawler.
-Dove Season started yesterday, this is Andy's favorite part of the year so it is deemed "Man Season" in the Wetherell household.
- Whitt recently got his FIRST knot on his head from falling down,
I am sure this is the first of many.
- We had our first adoption meeting and have list's of stuff to do.
We are so excited to get this going though.

Here are the pictures of whitt's haircut and then a
video of him doing what he loves. Dancing.
The locks before the cut... His hair was so cute but it was creeping into a mullet.
Pondering over the thought of his new do.
Thanks you Birds Barbershop for being so patient
with my little stud.

Here is Mr. Shimmy himself


leslieandjacob said...

That is so hilarious! What a little cutie. And I can't believe you snipped the curls, but what a handsome little man with his big boy haircut!!

Jessica and Eric said...

That video is hilarious! I love the shoulder shrug! Can't wait to see ya'll and meet little Whitt at Whitney's wedding!

Grimes Life said...

Oh Corey, i love love love Whitt's haircut, he looks like such a big boy now! Love the post about everthing going on and most of all i loved seeing you and whitt last week!! See you soon! :)

Kim Soto said...

O M G!! That is the cutest thing ever and he seriously looks like a mini-Andy witht haircut...love it!

Amy said...

Wyatt just got down with Whitt while that was on and is now saying more...so we will watch it again and again I'm sure. Wy's favorite is Justin Bieber...he can sing "baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh" :) Love the haircut and great news about his walking and talking!!

Rach said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shimmy!!!!!!! What a cutie!

mattandlinz said...

Whitt looks so handsome with his haircut! What a little stud!

Abramyan Avenue said...

He is such a handsome little boy!! So cute and snuggly! I remember I found your blog last year or so..while you were at the end of your pregnancy. I followed you up to the first few weeks of Whitt's birth. Then that computer crashed and I lost all my favorites. I recently stumbled upon your blog somehow and was so happy to see him to big and doing well! You have a beautiful family!!

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