wild child.

My little wild child turned 15 months this past week.
Whitt, you are an absolute joy, your personality comes more and more into full action. You have a constant smile on your face and blue eyes that melt my heart. You are non-stop, the only time your dad and I get to stop chasing you is when you are a sleep. You are eating like a champ, but are a little particular about what exactly you eat (which I understand, because I am picky also). You are still taking two bottles a day (which I need to break you of) but I love that time with you, it is the only time you will sit on my lap in still-ness. You are still loving fruits, veggies and beans more than meat... you will still eat meat but you don't squeal for it. You HEART coke to the extreme, I literally have to wait till you are down to enjoy the burn in my throat. I guess you also like that burn, but little man, you are to young. You still love your bath time, you are at your happiest when you are emerged in water. You have learned to open the back door and the frig, which has been fun for me...I just wish the refrigerator had a lock. You love being outside but that only lasts minutes due to this Houston heat. Every time your daddy walks in the door, you squeal and laugh with so much excitement, last week it brought tears to your aunts eyes seeing it happen. You are standing by yourself but refuse to walk, but you crawl so fast, I wouldn't want to start walking either. Whittaker Overstreet you are growing so fast right before our eyes. Several times during the day I look at
you and am just speechless because you are so dern cute.
Little man you Rock our World!!
Happy 15 months.


Kimberly said...

oh man i just got tears. love yall and love the pics of Whitt!! He is the absolute cuttest!!

Jordan Pudlo said...

I love you Sir Whittaker!!!!!
That second pic he looks like The Master!!!! Such a cutie pie. I need a Whitt fix!

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