Back to my roots....Austin

I was able to go home two weeks ago and hang out with my sisters and mom. Due to the fact that my sisters and I are connoisseurs of the museum, we had to frequent some of them in Austin. We went to the Bob Bullock museum in which we saw 3 IMAX shows and went to the space exibit. We also went to a new museum in Austin in which we played in the yellow "noddles" which you will see in the pictures below. In all honesty the Museums were a complete waste of time but they allowed us to capture some great pics.

It was a great trip with the fam!!!!


Janelle & Ella said...

What are these yellow noodles?!! They look so fun! And I'm pretty jealous of your 3 Imax movies in one day!

agravisj said...

FIRST - the pic of yo Mama and seastars is so pretty! You guys look great.
SECOND- I hate that I missed your party, I REALLY hate it!:( Can we start celebrating together in between bdays??!!
Can't wait to see you!

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