Week in Rewind

Church at FBCI- great! Whataburger: TWO WORDS, Fancy Ketchup....
Drive Back to the beautiful Jewel, Jasper.

DBU Alumni Baseball Game. Whittaker slept through the whole thing.
Jon's Birthday Bowling Bash.

Journey to meet Andy in the big D from Austin.
Alum Golf Tourney.
Whitt and I went shopping, got locked out of the house for the day.
So....went and saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 3D, which made me dizzy thereforemaking me feel as if I had vertigo all day... and hungry, so hungry.
Which isn't good considering I still need to lose 30.
Pregnancy, oh the joys.
I mean seriously look at that burger,
how could this movie not make you hungry.

Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday....
Spent the week in Austin and let my family love on the little man.
We had a busy week full of family, food and fun!

Some of the Blackwood cousins with our little tots.
Whitt's Great Grandmother, Jewel, just giving him some lovin.
And then the trip to Cabela's, what a boy's paradise.
Whitt just loved it, if you cant tell in the pictures below...
he slept threw the whole thing.
But we were getting him prepared for what's to come....

Well I will leave you with a picture of what the little guy is doing as we speak.
This was such an exciting post it put him right to sleep!



Jordan Pudlo said...

So much fun! He is WORN out!!! Those little socks are too cute. You look like a skinny mini in these pics! Can't wait to see you - just two days! Yipee!!

courtney said...

He is so sweet. And you must tell me please, where you bought those socks!

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