Yesterday I decided to get a little crafty,
so I made Little Whitt Bit some new threads.
He is wearing the pear today and absolutely loves it,
he told me himself.
I swear he did.
I just had some onesies lying around so I decided
to spice them up a little bit.
Who doesn't need a little spice in their life,
especially when you live in Jasper.

Well After all this crafting the little bit has gotten sleepy,
so I am off to put him down.


A peek into the Flores Family... said...

Those are ADORABLE!!! You areo talented

Grimes Life said...

Cade wants one! He likes the tie with suspenders! SO crafty of you!

Hannah Lee said...

Can I make a request for some of those for Baby Austin!? So precious!!!

whitneyleigh said...

are you serious? maybe i should move to jasper to get my creative juices flowing. these are so cute co. you make me proud. eh hem...maybe you should sell them on etsy...??

Anonymous said...

Those are SOOO cute. Start a buis in Jasp! I get to see you in less then 24hrs. Never been more excited...I want to cry! Also, i like how my whitt bitts nickname caught on....all aunt T! Love.

The Ward Family said...

Wow!! So cute, can I order one soon for a baby shower gift? It's always hard finding cute boy gifts. Whitt is so precious. I'm so happy for you and Andy.
Your friend,

The Ward Family said...

Wow, super cute. Can I order one for a baby shower gift? It's so hard to find cute boy gifts like this. So creative. Whitt is so precious. I'm so excited for you and Andy.
Your Friend,

Amanda said...

Oh please oh please put a pic of him in the one with the suspenders. That is so funny!

Lindsay said...

i have been doing the same thing for my girls and was going to do one for whitt...luckily you didn't do the idea i had for him ;) such a cute little crafter you are !!

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