THe Big D, baby style

We went to Dallas this past weekend so Andy could get his hunt on, we came with an ice chest full of milk and left with an ice chest full of dove. This was Whitt's first time to come to Dallas and it was so great for him to meet a lot of people that have been praying for him. We were able to stay with the Durham's and go to First Irving, which was a blessing. We just love that church and the Durham's. While Andy and the boys were hunting, Whitt and I spent a few days with the Girls and Cade. It was so fun for Whitt to meet his new friend.
It is hard to believe that Whitt and Cade will only be a grade apart.
I cant wait for him to get big so that him and Cade can play together.
Thanks to all the peeps in Dallas, we had a Blast!!!!
Whitt and Cade
Cade, Kim, Whitt and Kristy
Mel, Cade, Whitt and I


Grimes Life said...

So cute cor! I LOVED your visit to Dallas, can't wait to see ya again in a few weeks! Kiss Whitt for me!

Jordan Pudlo said...

The Mamas and the babies! Love it! So cute! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

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