Little Bird You forgot something....

A few things the stork left with me:

1. a stomach that is not quiet the way it was before
2. a bathtub and bathroom floor full of hair, will it ever stop falling out!
3 tears...thank goodness my hormones are starting to balance out
4. hot flashes
5. high blood pressure
6. baby bangs. Should I cut bangs to hide them or just tough it out, that is the question?
7.adult acne, seriously???
8. an expanded waistline
9.stretch marks.... don't be grossed out, everyone has them.
Even if you dont think you have them, you do.
10. lots of hospital bills- no maternity insurance is a killer.
11. this stud, which makes it all worth it!


Grimes Life said...

I FEEL ya girl!! But it is so worth it all!!!

leslieandjacob said...

just a note on the baby bangs... I cut bangs to cover them, and 2 years later, i'm still trying to grow them out! Luckily, this time around, my hair isn't falling out, AT ALL! (knock on wood!)

Lindsay said...

oh corey i feel ya on the bills. 2 years later and i'm still paying for the twins. yuck. at least there is no interest on medical bills :)

courtney said...

regarding #2: i have eyelashes falling out. seriously?? EYELASHES. didn't happen with the first baby. i'm losing hair like crazy too.

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