Happy 4 months baby cakes.
You are the light of my life. You weigh a whopping 12 pounds which puts you in the 5th percentile. The nurse at your doctor's office didn't even think you would weigh 10 lbs by now, so baby you are blowing us out of the water.
You love to laugh and smile and are full of life. You are getting your first little tooth on the bottom left. I can see it poking through which in turn is making you a drooling monster. You like to make it known when you don't like something...by throwing your head back and letting out a yelp, a loud one at that. You are now sleeping in your crib instead of your bassinet... now if you would just start sleeping through the night. We love you sweet boy. You are an absolute joy to your dad and I.


Amy said...

Handsome, Mr. Whittaker, just so handsome! Come visit us buddy, Wyatt is missing you!!

Grimes Life said...

Whitt, you are one cool dude! Love you buddy, can't wait to see you next weekend! :)

Lindsay said...

such a stud! happy 4 months little whitt!

Deborah said...

Corey, he is precious! So proud of him. Can't wait to see him on Saturday!

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