{::18 weeks::}

Mr. Tums as I call him sometimes {due to his over abundance of gas} had his 4 month well check yesterday. He is actually 4.5 months but we were waiting for his RSV shot to arrive. My little man was approved for a series of RSV shots for this season, so he has to get 5 over the months to come. The doc was all around impressed with Whittaker. She said that he was ahead of schedule for his adjusted date {which would be 2.5 months} and he was even doing some things that a "normal" 4 month old would do.
He weighted in at 12 lbs 13 0z.
which puts him in the
5th percentile.
He was 24 inches long
which put him in the
4th percentile.
He was very brave for his shots and in all actually flirted with the dr. for most of the visit. Whitt, is such a happy baby, he laughs and smiles for the majority of the day.
He is eating 5-6 oz. every 4 hours on the dot. We are were told we can introduce single- grain cereal when ever we want. It is up to us. The little man has slept from 8 to 8 a couple nights this week, but thats not the norm. I think he really loves his bed.
He wakes up laughing and smiling every morning.
Some days (really everyday) I think he looks like me and somedays (not so much)
I think he looks like his dad.We will have to post baby pics and get yall opinion.
Well Whitt, thank you for making this 18 weeks some of the best weeks of my life.
You are an absolute JOY!


Amanda said...

He is so handsome! I can't wait to meet him.

Rach said...

I love that hat! And in the one with the jacket, I think he looks just like Andy...or something Andy would wear! I love the argyle socks! I can't believe how big he is getting! We got his announcement last night! LOVE IT! He is such a doll Corey!

Amy said...

He is just too precious. Love your baby announcement and it'll be a permanent on our fridge until the boys hang out again and we get a new shot of W&W! Miss y'all!

Rondell said...

You need to stop feeding that baby McDonalds iffin you want him to stop being gassy!

Jessica and Eric said...

He is such a sweetie! Taylor and Whitney told me how they can not get enough of him! Precious!

The Self Cottage said...

love his long eye lashes! what a cutie

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