Welcome my 5 month old bundle of joy!!!

{Click on picture to inlarge}
Here is Little Whitt's baby announcement.
My wonderful cousin, Brooke, has a design company....

She thought up this wonderful, clever and creative little
announcement that represents our family
She asked for a picture of Whitt's room and then ran with it,
God has blessed her with such great talent.
She has other examples from weddings, parties, showers, etc. on the web....
they make me want to have a party just so I can send out invitations!!!!
Please go and visit her web site
{Click on the link above} !!!!

P.S. Thanks Brookie, you are the BEST!
P.S.S. The colors on the announcement are a little off, my Mac is has a mind of its own.


Finleys said...

Way to go! These look great!Congratulations again!

Murrell Family said...

Loved the announcement! So cute and of course, Whitt, is precious!

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