He is five months and growing like a weed or should I say a flower. He is weighing in at a whooping 14 lbs. He is developing little rolls on his legs and has a round in his belly. He is holding up his head like such a big boy. You are probably thinking 5 months and just now holding his head good, well since he was born 10 weeks early he has a slight delay. I also have to remind myself of that often when I see babies that are the same age as him. He love to talk and smile, constantly. He has the cutest little grin I have ever seen. He loves to stand up and Jump, He lifts his left leg a little higher than the right every time he is in the air, it is funny! He also loves the TV, if it is on in the room, he finds it. He is drinking 7 oz. every feeding. We are about to introduce cereal, maybe! He is starting to like his bath time... before now he was a fighter every time he was put in the water. His little "stork bite" on his head is slowly fading. Slowly but surely. He is still waking up during the night for a feeding but these last two nights he has slept from 8 to 8. Knock on wood. I hope he continues.
Happy 5 months little man!!!!
Well here are some pics of the little man lately.
Whitt has begun to experiment with some of his toys, here he is in his jumper. He is still a little small but loves to work those legs. He is a mover people.
We have this scale in our office, so I gave it a try but it was broken.
Bath time- He has his serious face on.
If you cant tell, we are counting down the days until the holidays!!!!



Deborah said...

Thanks for the update Corey. Whitt is precious...such the little man! Can't wait to see you guys again...

Caroline said...

cutest baby boy ever! he looks so much like you!!!!!!!

Jordan Pudlo said...

The bath face is HILARIOUS! He is presh! Cor those are seriously hot boots! Jealous! I'm calling you...now

courtney said...

He is CUTE!

Everything Erwin said...

5 months...such a strapping young boy!!!!!! We need to see y'all soon!!!! Loves!

Dan and Janae said...

CUTE pictures of Whitt!! And I agree with Jordan---LOVE THE BOOTS--who are they and where from??!?

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