It has been requested that I show what I got Whitt so...
Here are the two gifts I ordered yesterday:

What are yall getting your kiddo's for christmas????


I just bought Whitt's first two Christmas presents from here:
And i am so excited to get them in the mail!!!!!
I hope I can wait till Christmas to put them in use,
I doubt I can.
I can hardly wait to get them in the mail.
Also he can't play with them yet, he is just 5 month old.
I guess it is more like a present to me.
Sorry little babycakes a.k.a Whitt!!!!!


Dan and Janae said...

Love this site!!!!!

Rach said...

Well, what did you get him???

Anonymous said...

Love the backpack....

Also, Happy 5 Month Birthday little man!

And, please post some great pics of him....im having withdraws!

Thanks. Love.

Rach said...

So cute!!! :)

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