Here is one
of the many things
we are Thankful for
this Thanksgiving.

Whittaker overstreet from corey Wetherell on Vimeo.


Amy said...

Wyatt and I watched this and I told him all about his buddy (he's into story time now). This is a great video, Corey. We praise God for your healthy, handsome, and thriving Whitt! Love y'all!

Flores Family... said...

What an angel! Corey, that is so precious! What a miracle he is- those pictures tell a miraculous story!

Grimes Life said...

Cor, that was the sweetest video! I watched it and then I had Jon sit and watch it again with me! Whitt has come such a long way, what a miracle! You have SOOOO much to be thankful for! Love that little guy for us! Miss you tons!

Jordan Pudlo said...

*Tears* My sweet little buddy!!! Love him!

Ashley said...

ok - i have TRIED to watch this several times, but i just can't make it through yet. maybe after these postpregnancy hormones are gone. what i have seen is SO sweet. what an amazing God we have! what is the name of the 1st song? love it!!

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