Ahoy! Whitt is ONE!

Whitt Loved his first birthday!
He played really hard and ate more food than I could ever imagine him eating. I forgot to get a picture of the cute little sailor favors and the front of the house which I was super bummed about. But I hope you enjoyed the rest of the Pictures. It was a BLAST!


Here are a few of the behind the scene pictures.
The Goods
Excited for the BIG DAY!
Chocolate covered marshmellows
Whitt Grilling the hotdogs and Ribs.
Tay making the sandwiches for the kids lunch boxes.

Thanks everyone for coming and spending
such a special day with us!!!
We cant wait till the BIG 2!!!


Rach said...

What a fabulous first birthday party!!! Corey, you never cease to amaze me! I love all the details and all the cute stuff! I'm sure everyone had a blast! Happy Birthday Party Day Whitt!

whitneyleigh said...

Good post Captain. We had a blast! I am still so weak...

whitneyleigh said...

Great post captain! We had a blast! I am still so weak...

{::The Funny::Friendly::Finley::Family::} said...

So fun! You're brilliant! I've got 6 1/2 months 'til Lola turns 1 & I've already started shopping for her big day. What a lucky boy!

Lindsay said...

We had so much fun! every little detail was amazing!

Amanda said...

I'm so sad we missed this! What an amazing party. You are so creative, friend! I'm craving cake now. :)

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