New Orleans- Special Guest: Baby Whitt!

This Past Weekend my Aunts and Mom threw me a family baby shower in New Orleans. It was Whitt's first shower and it was so much fun. 
He got some stuff that will definitely come in use.
 I am so so excited for him to be here and to finally be able to use everything. 
We had a great trip, 
THANKS for EVERYTHING that y'all put into this, it was really special!!!

I Heart CAKE, especially when it taste like Wedding Cake!!!!
Such a cute little diaper for Baby Whittaker to sport, he is going to be a stud!!!!

And a special Thanks to my sister's for driving 8 hours and surprising me!!!!!
I love y'all!!!!

It was a great weekend, New Orleans I will be back after the bun in the oven is toasted and ready to come out!!!!

P.S. Speaking of the bun in the oven, I am 27 weeks and trucking along... key word TRUCKING (18 wheeler style, I feel). Thing are going good, I have a doctors appointment on Monday so hopefully I will get to see Baby Whitt.
Whitt's crib comes next week so I am super excited to start putting his room together, I feel so far behind. I had a severe case of swollen ankle this weekend, yes, it was just one ankle. It was so weird, I have never had cankles before. 
Well I think that wraps everything up for now. 


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