Ten things the Wetherell's have been up to

#1- We celebrated my mother-in-laws 60TH Birthday at our house
with 40 of her friends and family!
#2 We have been doing never ending amounts of adoption paperwork and classes. We have 2 more classes left this month and then we will have
everything done except for our home study, Yahoo!!!
#3 Church this week was really good, the music was phenomenal, Sunday school was refreshing and the message was great.
#4We took family pictures last week and the picture below is from them
I have been thinking alot this week about how my little man looked like this
at this time last year and am just blown away about how much he has grown and changed.
#5- Myself and this little snotty boy spent last week in Jasper, playing outside and hanging out with dad.
(sorry the camera focused on my dress sleeve & not our faces)
#6- I took a 2 hour nap on Sunday and it was bliss.
#7We have been spending alot of time outside with this wonderful
weather before it gets too chilly.
#8 spending time with family
#9 practicing words with Whitt, as his vocabulary is growing and growing. His word lately is "Tuck"- Truck.
#10- I got bored so I decided to paint this design in Whittaker's/guest bathroom. I still need to paint a second coat on the White but have yet to do it.
(idea compliments of jonesdesigncompany.com)
The End.


Anonymous said...

WOW - love the painting in the bathroom!! You are so talented. Hope to see y'all soon.


Amy said...

Corey, You are an amazing mom, decorator, designer, party planner and I need all of those aspects in my life these days...come visit! Also, I am 29 weeks now and thinking of you constantly as you delivered at this time. What a strong strong new mother you were and look at all you have helped Whitt accomplish already...again, you are amazing! Miss you!

Everything Erwin said...

Love the painting, love the update, love that adorable Whitt, love you!!! Can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

Lindsay said...

love everything! tell me you did not free hand that white painting. you are insanely incredible!

that pic of whitt being so itty is adorable. i can't believe how much he's grown.

courtney said...

you can come to my house when you're bored next time!

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