I have been tagged... so I must follow through, kinda!!!

Here are my 7 random things that people might not know.....
1. I love music..... I could go to a concert everyday of the week if I had the chance (and the $$$). I think this love came from growing up in Austin and being surrounded by Live music 24 hours a day. Music is one of my releases and I feel different emotions when I hear different music and I love it!

2. I am in the process of trying to make my house more modern....I love bright art work so I need some modern pieces to tie that art work in. I am obsesive when it comes to decorating so it is always an ongoing process. 

3. I also, like Caroline, collect Spode China.... I collect all colors though.... I have quiet a collection but am always excited when I get a new piece. For one Christmas, all my Mom got me was Spode and it was a dream come true. 

4. I take pictures of houses... that arent mine.... I hope that one day if I am ever able to to build a house I can look back at the pictures and maybe blend some of them together to make the perfect home. 

5. I am scared to death of rain storms....lightining, thunder, wind, rain, the whole works. Weird  I know.... but I can blame this one on my Mother.... growing up she was also afraid of storms.    So bad that if my dad was out of town, we would all go stay at my grandparents house if it was suppose to storm. I think this fear for her comes from her growing up in New Orleans, you know that whole Hurricane, flooding thing probably didnt work in her favor. 

6. I love blood... I could sit and watch hours upon hours of surgery on TV.... i just love it for some reason. I have not seen a lot of blood on real life so if I ever do, this fact could possibly change. 

7. Snow cones are my favorite food in the whole world.... in the summer, if it was physically possible, I would want to eat snow cones for every meal. P.S. If anyone owns a snow cone stand can you please open it in the winter....It would make my world complete. 

Well and now I am suppose to tag 7 friends.... but I dont have 7 friends to tag.... So Ashley I wrote this for you but sorry I dont have anyone to tag.


Caroline said...

COREY I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!! How are you dear? update me please!!!!

Ashley said...

Yeah, you followed through with your tag. I just love learning fun things about people!

Janelle & Ella said...

Hey!!!! When do we get to start the countdown to Africa? I'm SO excited!!
The girl's name who did my blog is Jenisa. She was AMAZING! It took her one week to do and that was from the first moment I contacted her. Very quick and cheap. If you go back to my blog, you can find a little thumb nail on the right side (scroll down) with her name and it says my blogs been pimped by her. Just click on that.
Love ya!

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