I am in a blog fog, I dont know what to write about. I get to my computer when I have a couple minutes of spare time and nothing-don't have the words to type. Much to type about but no words. But for memory purposes I want to jott a few things down about Whitt.
- He is pulling up on EVERYTHING
- He is non-stop, I am constantly following him around the house.
- He is ALWAYS dirty, I wipe his face and it has dirt on it two seconds later.
- He is been biting us. I don't know what to do about it, but I am working on it.
- He likes to be upside down like a little bat. He is such an acrobat.
- He loves being outside- Andy has set up a contraption on our golf cart and Whitt loves it!
- He is still only eating baby food along with some puffs, he just cant hack real food yet even though he acts as if he wants it, it always ends in gaging. We are still working with the Nuk.

Little Man I can't believe you are 11 months old.
You are growing like crazy right before our eyes.
You are an absolute Joy!!!


JPO said...

He's sooo stinky cute! I bet he even bites cute! :)

leslieandjacob said...

11 months already! really, where has the time gone? when you have no words, just post pics. i love the shots you get of whitt. they are always so cute and artsy :) lets let the babes play! even our big boys would probably like to get together:)

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