Whitt and Wyatt

This weekend we got to hang out
Whittaker just loved his time with Wyatt
and Andy and I were of course
THRILLED to be with Daniel and Amy
They Played
and Played
and PLAYED....
Until they both had mini meltdowns
because they were so Tired.

We will be counting down the Day
until we see the Savage's again.
HOPEFULLY it will be soon!

Jones' we missed you, glad yall are 100% now!


Amanda said...

Oh my word! There is no way I can describe the joy these pictures give me. I love seeing them play together. It's like looking at mini-Daniel and mini-Andy. Y'all must have had the best time! Hopefully we'll get a do-over one day. Love you guys!

Amy said...

Love these sweet pictures and your sweet boy! Gosh, he's adorable! I have one prob, mom....I think Whitt taught Wyatt how to bite bc it began yesterday :) Seriously, it was so refreshing to my soul to spend the day with you all again!

whitneyleigh said...

love this pic of whitt laughing. what was so funny?

efguess said...

How'd the move go? Still in the midst I am sure like us.

Dan and Janae said...

loved looking at your pictures!

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