Feels Like Home.

You know that feeling when you walk into your families house for Thanksgiving...
You can smell desserts that you have eaten since birth.
Your grandmother is singing softly under her breath "How great thou art".
Your family is there to welcome you.
You feel that you are home.
Well that is what I have felt every Sunday for the last few months at
Bayou City Fellowship.
Even though none of those things are actually there...
I get that same feeling in my heart of being, HOME.
I feel God there.
And it rocks you to the core.
There is no turkey but there is God.
And that is one heck of a trade off.

So come to Bayou City Fellowship.

Feel God there.

Make it your home.

I promise it won't disappoint.

We officially open our door this coming
Sunday, September 11 @ 10:00.
Houston Christian High School.
Bring your family and friends.
Visit our website in the meantime.


annalee said...

great comparisons.
and i have to say,
i love thanksgiving day each week with you.

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