mustaches or Bows?

A few weeks ago I had the complete honor of throwing a party for one of my best friends and college roommates. It was a party to celebrate the arrival of her new baby- and to find out what exactly she and her husband Brad, were having. My friend Jordan has a big heart and a great family. She is a great friend and one of the best mom's I know. College would not have been the same without her...we were inseparable for the majority of our years there and for that I am thankful. This is how it went down.....
Mustaches and Bows...What is baby Dittoe?

I love my friend and wouldn't trade her for a whole bag of jelly beans. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when we can snuggle with her bundle of joy.

PS. she has all her babies all natural- she is every woman.


courtney said...

you totally need to be in the party business. seriously.

Jordan Pudlo said...

COR! Thanks so much for everything! It turned out cuter than anything in the world!!!!
Love you to the moon!!!! xoxoxox

Brooke said...

I agree with Courtney 100%! Your parties always look amazing! Party business & photography! Love all your pics!

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